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I too am a Mac user, I find boot camp useful for these occasions.


Grumpy_mike wrote :

I too am a Mac user, I find boot camp useful for these occasions.

Well, my hard disk is so completely full already that I deleted all the PowerPC parts of the applications to gain some space. Boot Camp will be for my next Mac.


I have just discovered the Si114x IR-sensing chip family from Silicon Labs. They claim that the 3-leds version can be used for (close) 3D position tracking. Have a look at that video. It features the evaluation board (SI1140DK) with 3 leds and X/Y/Z tracking. It's too bad that this board uses a C8051F800 MCU. If it came with an Atmel controller or as a breakout board I'd buy it immediately because it would ease the construction of a 3D interface quite a lot I guess.

The chip is ridiculously small (2 mm x 2 mm) and is sold only as a SMD component. Can a human being solder this ? I'd better find someone willing to make a breakout card for me...


Probably in a oven its easy to easy, but not by hand, because it doesnt have any leads, its an LGA package.


I finally bought the Si1143 evaluation board. I'll try to connect it to my Arduino. But I'll try the AD7746 for capacitive sensing as well.


Si1143 available on breadboard friendly breakout boards on ebay. Just search for "Si1143".

See this post for code:

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