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I have two Arduino's connected together using  I2C (SDA & SCL) to pass data from one to the other. It's not working correctly.
I added serial output throughout the program so I can see what is going on with the variables and other data.
I have to plug in the USB in one Arduino to view the serial and then move it to the other to view that serial data which cause the program to pause etc...
I have tried two USB cables which saves me the trouble switching cables but I have to change the serial port.
I like to view both sketches running at the same time.

Is there a method or technique that I can use to view the serial output from both Arduino's at the same time or is this the best way.


Use hyperterminal or any other terminal and just open two instances, one with each port.


View one Arduino with the IDE serial monitor and the other with a terminal program like putty.exe

Furthermore, read this one? - http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/MasterReader - ?
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If you want,post your code and maybe we can help.


Thanks WayneIF

I will try and troubleshoot first. Part of the learning curve but I think it may be an issue with interrupts and calling a function to send a byte in the event procedure...not sure. Timming? Perhaps not an issues.

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