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Hi everybody!

I'm new in the Arduino community.
Let me show you my first arduino project ever (and, by the way, my first electronic project ever :p)


I made this with friends for a school project. The front slot is used to put an iPhone which send pictures or videos
to a website.
It uses an arduino uno and a sparkfun WiFly.


I'll write a how to on my website as soon as I can.


Nice work - I like the body work, it gives it a nice presentation. I want to mention though that you might (depending on how much the chassis and internal parts weigh) to find a better way to support the wheels and axles, as there might be a large side-load on the gear-motor bearings (which will cause them to wear out rapidly over time). Best way would be to move the gear motors in closer to the center of the chassis, extending shafts from the gear motor outputs to the wheels using couplers, then mounting small pillow blocks (homemade or bought - it could be nothing more than a small block of hardwood with a hole drilled thru, greasing the shaft where it passes thru the wood) at both the wheel end and gear motor ends of the shaft.
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