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I have this Atmel memory of 16Mbit: http://docs-europe.electrocomponents.com/webdocs/0dc4/0900766b80dc4809.pdf

Somebody can help me to use it??

Thank's all!!!


Looks like it uses SPI.

Wire it this way:
FLASH 1 SI <- Arduino MOSI (D11)
FLASH 2 SCK <- Arduino SCK (D13)
FLASH 3 RESET <- +3.3v
FLASH 4 CS <- Arduino data pin, typically D10
FLASH 5 WP <- Arduino 3.3v
FLASH 6 VCC <- Arduino 3.3v
FLASH 7 GND <-> Arduino GND
FLASH 8 SO -> Arduino MISO (D12)

Set the CS pin LOW to activate it.
Use SPI.transaction() to send commands and receive results.
Set the CS pin HIGH to end the command.

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Atmel actually wrote a library to talk to this chip. It works very nicely. Check out the DataFlash library.

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