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Hello guys, I've been a lurker for ages it's time for me to step out the shadow by thanking all of you for your contributations. It allowed me to become comfortable with my Arduino One.

Now my question is regarding a project I'm going to try to do at my University.
I will try to make an arduino controlled 4 wheel vechicle connected to an atom netbook through the USB for some calculations.

I have some programming experience with C++/Python and Java but I never worked with robots before...

Would this board be enough to carry the load of about ~1.0 kg netbook ?

It's really cheap and I could have a proof of concept in no time if it would work(I'll just solder a second floor to it with a nice tray for the laptop if it's enough like in this video:


If not how should I go about making my own surface and what kind of servos would I need that are powerful enough to carry the load?

Thank you very much!

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