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Like I warned you, if the duty cycle exceeds a certain limit, the current will rise to destroy you power LED's. You must slowly ramp up the duty cycle from 0 and find at what point the LED's start to get too hot and adj your software not to exceed this limit.

BTW, the cost per channel of the parts I mentioned would be less than a few dollars, particularly if you have access to an electronic surplus store nearby.  I built something like this using free power n-channel MOSFETS that I extracted from defective PC motherboards. They are there waiting to be salvaged. The toroidial inductors are another matter and cost a few bucks each new, but can be salvaged from used PC power supplies for  free as well. The larger the toroidial core, the more power it can handle. Almost every ATX power supply has about a 3-in Diam. toroidial transformer on the output side and already wound with a bifiliar winding approximating what would be optimal for your LED control circuit.

The closest thing I saw on the web cost about $30 plus tax and shipping and only handled <1 Amp. Not enough current for a high-powered LED.


How many LEDs? It looks like you said just one? If so you might check out the ShiftBrite (http://macetech.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=1). They are easy to use and don't require other circuitry.


That shiftbrite thing is exactly what I'm thinking of except with a 3 watt led. That is pretty cool, I might have to use those at some point

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