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Maybe get a uController in there somehow too ;)

You could use an Arduino to control the pots for tone (maybe other things too). I recall some mixers used motors to physically set sliders to selected positions for presets. So your Arduino reads the position of the various setting pots and stores that, and then drives the motors to reposition. Or use digital potentiometers, and rotary encoders to set the values. Or some combination of all that. I suppose you could also use electronic switching for effects (also part of stored presets).

Nice axe, btw. Sadly, I no longer have my Les Paul. (Not that I was ever an accomplished player; have talent, just never really worked at it.)
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Thanks on the Schecter. I got it used after my son got one (ironically from his former guitar teacher! small craig's-list world!), I really liked the sound of his. Something about the feedthru neck (or whatever the glued-in necks are called), the strings that feed thru the body, the angle of the tuning pin board (geez, I sound like a real amatuer describing that) just give it a real nice sound and sustain. His has better pickups I think, I can't do much but basic chords and somewhat faked bar chords, am much better on bass & drums (you can just see them a little behind the Blackstar amp in my quasi-drum sound containment room of my basement), but it still sounds very nice.

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