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Hi - I seem to recall mention of good/low cost LED driver chips that are similar to the Max 7219 but I can't find the thread in the forum. I've used the 7219 (through hole/DIP) chip a bunch and like it but for an upcoming project want to see what else is out there.


- http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?topic=52245.0 - ?
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If you don't need multiplexing, why not a bunch of shift registers wired in series, 1 per digit? Only need 3 IO pins, same as if driving from SPI. Takes a little more room than the MAX7221 (my choice over the 7219).
74AC299 from Newark is a nice chip, lots of drive current high or low.
Or wire octal latch chips like74F374 as shift registers, also good drive current.
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MM5451 is an older chip but has 35 constant current outputs so its a favorite of mine.
http://www.toastedcircuits.com Lightuino LED driver: 16 sources, 70 sinks, remote controlled.  Also high powered LED drivers.

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