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There now, a basic survey for the subject: http://www.harryrabbit.co.uk/electronics/survey.htm. It mixes in some ideas posted here, although there was not enough room for all of them, so it cannot expand, either. As I said, it is a basic survey, so someone else could put together a better one. It will suffice for the moment though...


Onions. Could you make it multiple selection so say if I agree on 1 and 5 then I can check them both? Thanks.


What a horrible experience you got as a teacher!!

As for me, I started around the time Y2K was just passing as it was already 2,000. What should have happened had happened.

I would never imagine teaching high school. I'm not qualified, not patient enough, and want to use a ruler on any pencil tossers or cell phone pushers. I can only survive teaching when there are logic and disciplines already in students' heads. So I do it at college level. I'm not going to complain here, teaching is a pretty difficult and laborious work. Some do it with power point slides while I like to make changes every semester with new stuff, or Friday demos so I will have enough attendance. I hate pop quizzes for attendance and Thursday night is the official drinking night for this boring college town. I would play family guy (wish gravity away, peter has own gravity pull, etc) and futurama (duchess lost in black hole, etc.) when I teach gravity. Plenty of laughter to go around when I do that. Or Tacoma bridge for oscillation.

Plus I have some demos I made myself. If you devote in teaching, try to make something new every time and treat a lecture like a live talk show, pump up some adrenaline and give them a good show once in a while. Show them you love the topics, not just good at them. I'm sure they won't remember too much of the math I did but they do remember the laughter and that could motivate them to read on their textbooks. I can teach but students only learn when they are motivated to do so.

So maybe you can try to teach a college-level class once in a while as adjunct faculty. There's more order in this chaotic business of passing knowledge to the next generation.


Unfortunately,the nature of my illness (Crohns Disease) makes things like that impossible.  It's impossible to commit to anything.. I can and frequently do get very sick for no really decent reason.  I can be feeling great one minute.. and the next be grabbing for the Percocet and looking for a place to lie down.  The nature of the beast is such that it puts me in a classification of "Unemployable" - it's not reasonable to expect an employer to hire or hold an employee in this kind of shape.  I wouldn't hire me either ;)

The best may be to, as you said- assist a primary teacher, as I couldn't be depended upon.  I've considered doing the same for an extension evening class for adults on Photography... but again, it would be a bad idea to use me as primary.. just plain undependable.  In addition, I'm frequently on things where driving and that sort of thing isn't a great idea.. I'm pretty sure it's obvious in my posts when I've had to dip into the heaver end meds... ramble ramble ramble.... LOL
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.


I don't suppose you teach IT, IT?

Re. Your tagline.
if C is too hard for beginners, what do you suggest, and on which platform?

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if C is too hard for beginners, what do you suggest, and on which platform?


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