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Hello All , newbie here.

I have just started with arduino and was look to see if the might be a sketch around that would read the pulses from a linear actuator encoder and allow the actuator to only move a preset distance determined by the pulses counted.  eg  a 300mm actuatore and only want it to move 275mm.



The Actuator is the TA2 

with hall sensor fitted.

Great unit in Australia contact www.techome.com

hope this helps


yes i am going to use a mosfet h-bridge for control, just looking for any help on where to start, or if any one had a sketch similar i could adjust to suit .

i will also be using the built in end position switches and as extra safety use current sensing and a time out function as a back up ( must get the position part going first )

can you point me i a direction ?


If you get the actuator with a pot instead of an encoder, you could control it like a servo.
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i have 6 pulses per mm of travel.

using internal limits switches for safety

current limit very easy just using a voltage divider on a analogue input.

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