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I am a visual artist working mainly in video installation. I have recently begun making and including shadow puppets within these installations. In my latest work, I plan to construct a large, many-armed shadow puppet out of leather or parchment... I need this puppet to be mechanized, to react to the movement of the people in the space where it is displayed - more specifically, as a viewer approaches the puppet, I would like it to twitch and flay its arms, or turn its torso away from the viewer... depending on the position of the viewer, a different arm would move (the puppet has 8-10 arms)...
I am not sure where / how to begin... any suggestions / advice are most appreciated!!! In short, HELP!!!
(I am assuming that I need motion sensors, mechanisms to move the puppet, circuits, arduino... not sure how it all fits together... HELP!)


Start with working through the tutorial section, especially the part with blink without delay, servo's and IR distance sensors. two days working through the examples (and fiddle with them will learn you very very much of what is possible and what not...

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thank you! i'm going to get started right away!


Wha type of puppet is it? Is it a marionette? Does it need subtle joint moves or just lifting hands while the arm follows?  I'm a puppeteer and arduino enthusiast post more specifics and I'll try to help



I think the idea is brilliant and I would like to know where you got the inspiration from? Do you want to let the puppet move to music or be "moved" by lights? I have just recently seen a local work which was a silent installation only which shadow movements, it was superb. Good luck with your project!


Thank you all for your support and encouragement! I have managed to complete constructing the actual puppet (hand-cut out of goat-skin parchment) - she is 7ft. tall! I am now in the process of troubleshooting the electronics and programming, to get this humongous thing to move!
The puppet was essentially going to be a marionette, but s I was looking for jerky, twisting movements, I decided to simplify the design and create a wooden brace and spine for it, which is attached to the motor, and spins left and right in response to audience movement, recognised byt the "ping' sensor.
If I manage to get all tis done in time, the puppet will be on view at the dumbo arts festival next weekend!
I'm stil really struggling with the Arduino and programming and such but hoping it will all work out!

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