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So I just started with Arduino and it's great.  I've already managed to rip open my Wii Nunchuck and use it as an input device without much trouble.

My problem is, I cut the cord on the Nunchuck, and stripped the casing off the 4 inner wires.  They are too frail to stick into my breadboard, so as a temporary fix, I wrapped each one around a jumper wire and sealed it with electric tape.  Not a very long term fix, as it's a very frail connection.

Is there something I can use to clean this up?  The starter kit I'm using has a servo (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9065) that has this little plug at the end that makes loose wires much easier to work with, but I'm not really sure where to begin shopping for one of these or how to really set one up or even if this is something people do.  Any suggestions?


You'll need a crimper and crimp pins (Pololu's are the cheapest good ones I've found) to put wires into nice little headers.  Of course, you could just buy preterminated wires (Pololu has those too), cut them in half, and solder to the ends.

-- Note: not affiliated with pololu, it's just that the other hobby websites tend to charge ridiculous prices for crimpers and crimped products for no apparent reason.


For super thin wires, I just strip the ends, solder them to some thicker wire and then use heat shrink tubing to reinforce & cover the join.  Then I can use the thicker wire to go into crimp pins or solder straight onto a board.

Or, depending on what's on the other end of the thin wires, I'll solder straight to the board, and reinforce on top with a hot glue gun.


Sorry this comes too late, but maybe it will help the next person:


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