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It is not as active as i would like.
But when we get together a nice repository i would really like to change it so it can be used easily in Ardulibrary.

My biggest problem was always to get a good and up to date repository of libraries.

So making it like Visual Micro suggested is a good idea.

It always was possible to change the url of the xml in ardulibrary by hand. But i think a dropdown with a list would be a better option for users.

the next step would be a integration into CodeBlocks Arduino Edition. :)

Thanks that my small project is not forgotten.

Paul Stoffregen

Indeed, maintaining a good list of Arduino libraries is a challenge.  My goal isn't a comprehensive list, but only the most important and most useful ones.  One of my main interests is learning of new libraries as early as possible, rather than random chance (either I see it online, or someone asks me for help using it with Teensy).

I could generate an xml file for the libraries I've tested and plan to test.

There are several details in the sample xml I don't quite understand.  Each "lib" has an id number, starting at 19.  How are they assigned?  Do I just make up numbers?  Likewise, there's a "category" tag, with id=1.  What that about?

In the xml, links to the zip file are in a "versions" section.  What should be done for libraries which don't have a clearly published version number?

There's also an "authors" section.  All in the example are "sascha".  What does that mean?

The XML doesn't provide any means to embed one or more URLs where documentation about the library is maintained.  At least that doesn't seem to be in the example.


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uhh. i just noticed a php notice in the xml. not good. Must have changed something of my hosting :)

yes. the numbers are an auto_increment in the database. so they just count up.

the category tag was planned for a category selection in the application. Currently it is only possible to select the category on the webversion http://www.code-i.de/ardulibrary/.
For the ardulibrary application it is not used at the moment.

Now. the authors are not used in the application either. But they should show the author of the library.
"sascha" is my name.
But i am not the author of the libraries. i just added them in my application.

now. You are right about the missing link for a documentation. I did it the way that it opens a url with the id of the library. So if you double-click on a library it opens for example http://code-i.de/ardulibrary/libdetail.php?libid=19

mh. as you tell it. I fear i hardcoded that link. Need to change this for sure.

if you need some change to the xml it should not be a problem and i will implement it.

Hope i could help.

//Edit: yes. i had this version problem too because many library developers use some odd way of versioning or do not write any version at all. So i think the best way is to numerate them?

Visual Micro

I agree with Paul, the xml does need a bit more work and thought :)

Most recent file date time of each lib source folder might suffice as a version?

I'm going to build this into the Visual Studio plugin.

I think it's a great idea and would like to see a comon frame work.
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If there is an xml I'll create a wizard for eclipse as well
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