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please can someone post a step by step guide on how to install and use gcode


Sorry no it is not like that. It is not something you install. You have to make a program to drive your own stepping motors from Gcode instructions. I have already posted the Gcode for arduino link, that is what you incorporate into your own program. Or my own work that is Gcode CNC controller along with Gcode readers.
This is not something that is a beginners project, it involves a modicum of gumption. Unless you are willing to put in effort and try to understand things you will get nowhere.

You are probably not at the stage where you can benefit from this. I would suggest that you do a few more tutorials with motors and get the feel of both them and how to write code. Then when you know more come back to this project.


Of course im willing to make an effort i made the plotter, so im not going to stop here,
ok so im getting started with gcode if i dont understand something ill ask u,im just writing down what i understood please see if this is correct:
so basicly i download gcode firmware.
then i configure it according to my plotters steppers,axis etc
then upload the gcode firmware to the arduino
convert drawings then stream gcode to the arduino.


Perhaps you are interested in these links:

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