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Topic: TSOP38238 (IR Sensor) + Mega 2560: Able to use with TFT screen attached? (Read 381 times) previous topic - next topic


I'm currently able to get readings from the TSOP38238 when connected, per the examples requested setup of using digital pin 11, on my Mega 2560. However in the grand scheme of things I will ultimately be putting on the ethernet shield topped off with a TFT touch screen shield. This of course will utilize the needed digital pin 11 (or the entire small row of digital pins 1-13). I prefer not to damage this IR sensor as I did the last one experimenting, so I was curious if anyone is able to confirm a setup where I can utilize any of the pins 14-53 for use with the IR sensor, or really of the remaining analog inputs (which i'm not sure if analogs can even be used with an IR sensor). I greatly appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you in advance.

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