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I  recived a sparkfun 3.3v LCD and was siked! :)  but after talking with a friend he relised that it was 3.3v and the arduino is 5v!!:~  help???? :smiley-eek:


The LCD you got is intended for 3.3V arduino boards. I suggest, if possible, swap it for a 5V LCD. Sparkfun is decent when it comes to customer requests.

Or otherwise, invest a little on this one, second item on the list. It's cheap. I haven't heard complaints about this part :)



3.3V voltage regulator + a bunch of logic level converters is more costly than buying a new display. I don't know of other ways.


what about transistors? like base on the dgit pin and colector and emiter on 3.3v and LCD?????


Did you pay with your arm and leg for that display? You're trying to make unnecessarily hard. I would just go and get a regular one. 8)


no it was like $13 but im young and dont have much monney


OK I understand. Can you return it for a swap then? What you proposed could work but you will spend too much time trying to make it work or worse damage the lcd or arduino. I would save some money to buy a 5V while trying to return or sell the 3.3V lcd if I were you.


Looking forward, if you plan to play with some 3.3v components, you may want to consider
a different arduino board like the seeeduino.
It is fully compatible with the official board, but has many added features
like switchable 5v vs 3.3v power.
It is a much better alternative/value than the official arduino for those that want to use
3.3v or create their own custom shields using proto/strip boards.
The standard arduino connector spacing is incompatible with standard proto/strip boards
but the seeeduino has both sets of connectors, so you can use both standard arduino
shields or standard proto/strip boards.

If you are looking to save money by making your own shields, the seeeduino, can
quickly pay off in the long run.

--- bill

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