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This seems like a perfect application for an xBee (Series 2) network, and with sleep mode, their power requirements are quite low.  Whether the price is acceptable, that's your call.  If you are interested in xBees, check the Faludi book (http://www.amazon.com/Building-Wireless-Sensor-Networks-Processing/dp/0596807732)


to have severial wireless devices wotk together, if using internet connections like wifi and ethernet, all you have to do is use seperate ports like Arduino A to Computer B uses port 8080, and Arduino A to Computer C uses port 9080, where port is like a socket (i.e. - http is port 80 and telnet is port 21), I could write a quick example for using one ethernet shield two computers with custom software and using handshaking, you know, if you want one...

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