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First some info:

The hardware i use is:
2x Arduino UNO (UNO is based om ATmega328)
2x ArduinoXBee shield PRO v1.1

I have 2 computers available, one HP EliteBook 8540p running Vista enterprice 64-bit and one running XP 32-bit.

The arduino shield with the XBee Looks close to this

I try to connect using USB (COM - Ports)

I downloaded the X-CTU and installed it (Ofc ive installed Arduino IDE and drivers).
My X-CTU version is

Now to the problem, i followed a tutorial on how to communicate with xbee and arduino (Xbee+Arduino example tutorial)

And i followed the steps but when i try to "Write" in "X-CTU" I get a error that it lost communication with the modem.

Getting modem type... OK
Programming modem... Lost communication with modem
Write Parameters... Failed

Any suggestions?

Im quite new to Arduino and coding but i have managed to do a few things with ethernet shield. Now its XBees turn, but i can figure out how to connect it because i only get errors when ive plugged it in and try to Write or Test the COM port.

(Ofcourse i know to what port my arduino is connected to, but the X-CTU sometimes doesnt recognize it or dont want to open the port -.-')

Thats mainly my problem, and i would also be happy if someone could give me an quite easy example with XBee, Because finding good tutorials semt to be quite hard.

Here is the problem im stuck with right now:

I have also tried to change the baud, without any luck


You need to describe the hardware setup and type of XBees you have. Are they series 1 or series 2/2.5?

Did you remove the ATMega328 chip from the Arduino before you installed the shield? Did you set the jumpers on the shield in the correct positions?

Something like this (you only need one) makes it much easier to configure the XBee. No need to remove/replace the ATMega328 chip from the Arduino each time.


The shield i have is a ArduinoXbee Shield PRO With a XBee S2

The shield is just placed on the arduino ( The shield has pins going from it to fit on the arduino board)

And no i didnt remove anything from the arduino board. i just plugged the shield into the arduino and the Xbee into the shield.

And what i have is Arduino UNO (But its based on ATMega328. I dont know whitch chip is the ATMega328.


I dont know whitch chip is the ATMega328.

It's the big black one near the analog pins.


So in order to use my Arduino i need to remove the ATmega Chip?

(Just unweld it?)


It's not soldered (or welded) in. It's simply pressed into a holder. Pry up GENTLY on each end - only a little bit at a time. When all the pins are loose, pull straight up, and the chip will come out. When done, press the chip back in, after making sure all the legs are in the correct place. Note the orientation of the chip before removing it, and put it back the same way.


So they way its now its not compatible?

Ur sertain 100% that i need to remove the ATMega chip?


Ur sertain 100% that i need to remove the ATMega chip?

Only if you want to use X-CTU to talk to the XBee on the shield.


Any other way i can talk to the XBee?


Any other way i can talk to the XBee?

Real sweetly?

See reply #1.

What's the problem with removing the chip?


Im sorry for expressing myself so bad.
what i ment was is there another program where i can comunicate with XBee and arduino uno (Without removing anything, my boss wasnt to happy about it)


Why don't you create a software serial port to send data to the XBee while your usb connection sends data to the Arduino?  The Arduino can just forward the information from the usb input to its XBee output lines.


what i ment was is there another program where i can comunicate with XBee and arduino uno

For the purposes of configuring the XBee? No. See reply #1 (again). You need different hardware if you can't/won't de-chip the Arduino.

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