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Topic: [$21.05 USD]"NEW" 12.1" TFT w/FREE_SHIPPING!???!?!?? Is this possible??? Scam?? (Read 4912 times) previous topic - next topic


Just ordered a 15" LCD from this site.(LINK)

I might get myself a smaller one of them to test with.

Why? There are only two prices, ($10 & $21) and you can get a 15" for the price of a 7". Plus you don't have to use the screen if you want a smaller image...
As always... Thanks for posting!!!


Just ordered a 15" LCD from this site.(LINK)

Well best of luck with that - let us know if you get it safely or if they steal all your money :D
How did you pay for it?


Why? There are only two prices, ($10 & $21) and you can get a 15" for the price of a 7". Plus you don't have to use the screen if you want a smaller image...

Because 15" is much too large - I'd much rather have a 7".


Ahh well that's pretty safe then :)

in addition to the fact their site doesn't pay them until the customer is happy with their order.
As always... Thanks for posting!!!


All the best of course and i'll be keenly interested. There are appaeently many scammers working alibaba.com though.


what do you mean when you say scammers?
what would the possible scams be?
id theft?
credit card theft?

could you give me some examples of alibaba.com  scams?
As always... Thanks for posting!!!


could you give me some examples of alibaba.com  scams?

Here's one: http://www.alibaba.com/product-free/113206198/DTV_Shredder_Military_Skateboard.html

He's emailing people asking for deposits on it too but BPG werks is the only manufacturer of the shredder and the pics there are simply stolen from the BPG website.

There are a number of scammers around but not normally for things quite as petty as a single item such as that and normally not involving paypal as paypal gives the buyer something to hide behind if things go wrong.


I noticed that there seem to be two versions, at least of the 3.5" display that I was looking at:

Model Number: DMT32240T035_01WN
Series: Economic Type
price:  $10.53

Model Number: DMT32240S035_01WT
Series: Advanced Type
price:  $54.74

But as I looked over the specs side by side, I couldn't see what the difference is.  Anyone else notice this and figure out what the difference is?


They might be selling 'em off cheap cuz it's 4:3 and not 16:9.

Bad run with dead pixels maybe?


The WT has touch, the WN doesn't but as gerg says, from my reading I did before, I think the advanced one is guaranteed to have no dead pixels - the economy one can have some and still be acceptable.


found the WHOLE story out today in email
here is the start of the email I received:


Glad to receive your order.

This is ___________ from __________ technology company.
The datasheet and the quotation for 15'' display are attached. Please check them.

Please note that the price on our webstore is not true. Because it's our company rule that the price can't be showed on the webstore. Hope you can understand us.
So If you like to receive the 15'' sample,  please make up the difference of the price. (385 - 21=USD 364)
After receiving the difference, we would deliver the 15'' sample to you by express ASAP. (The shipping is free.)

Before anyone starts considering this a scam READ THE FOLLOWING!!!


If you don't like that, we can send one free 3.5'' free sample to you for evaluation firstly, and then you can consider whether you need to purchase the 15'' sample.

Also read this:


If you don't mind, please let me know the introduction of your new project or the technology requirement of your product.
So maybe I can supple some good suggestions for you on my experience.

If you have any query about our display, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

// Here was where his/her name was... (not given in this fourm)


// Here WAS where his/her contact info was...
// However I thought it would be best if I just relaeased what forms of info he/she gave.

  •  Company name:__________

  •  Link to homepage:________

  •  FULL Telephone#:_________ ((NOTE: With everything you can find in a Phone#))

  •  FULL Fax#:______________ ((NOTE: With everything you can find in a Fax#))

  •  Verified E-mail:___________ ((NOTE: Note the same as the sender as the email I copied 98% of the info from then pasted in this reply))

All in all, I have yet to see any form of scam(s) in this transaction so far... Right???
I guess I was right in that this $21.05USD+FreeShipping 15" LCD is too good to be true.

Still a 3.5" Serial LCD is pretty good for $21.05USD and free shipping?
As always... Thanks for posting!!!


Surely you ask for your money back now - then they send you a free 3.5" screen for evaluation.

They are breaking paypal rules by advertising a product not at the correct price.

That is a scam - however much they have said afterwards, they've tried to draw you into purchasing the product and taken your money on agreement of purchasing the product but then they have said they can't sell it to you for that price.

I'd go mental on their ass.

Ask for your money back now and see what they say.

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