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I need as many I/O pins on the Arduiuno Mini Pro as possible. The info for this Arduino says it only has 14 Digital I/O but looking at the schemtic I see that PC0- PC5 = 6 , PD0-PD7 = 8 and PB0-PB6 = 6 I/O. This adds up to be 20 I/O. One of these has an LED on it and two are for the Rx/Tx for programming. Why does the doc say on 14 are available?


6 of the pins are analog and thus not described as "digital". They can still be used as digital I/O, so yes it does essentially have 20 I/O pins. Just a matter of how they're described is all.

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FYI... often overlooked, A4 and A5 on the Pro Mini are actually right above A3 and A2.
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If you're reeeeeally careful, you can get 2 more Analog inouts (only!), A6/A7, by adding wires to  ATMega328  pins 19 & 22.

"In the TQFP and QFN/MLF package, ADC7:6 serve as analog inputs to the A/D converter.
These pins are powered from the analog supply and serve as 10-bit ADC channels."

Not sure what you'd have to do software wise to access those.
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And while you're at it connect to AREF (chip pin 20) too...
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