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Good day!

I need to use 4 character 7 segment for my project. Even with dynamic indication it takes too much pins and too much code. Is there any option to get controllable over serial or I2C (or anything else) 7 segment?

Can it be cheaper than 16x2 character display (less than $9)?

Jeff K

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MAX7221, very easy to write to with SPI

Can control from 3 to 8 seven segment displays.
1 resistor sets max current, 16 levels selectable via software.

Request a sample, or purchase for $4.
Easy to wire up to common cathode 7-segment displays.
All segments wired in parallel, unique common cathode to each device.

Writing to its registers:

 //  MAX7221: write shutdown register  
 digitalWrite(SS,LOW);  // take the SS pin low to select the chip:
 SPI.transfer(SHUTDOWN_ADDRESS);  // select the Address,
 SPI.transfer(0x00);      // select the data, 0x00 = Outputs turned off
 digitalWrite(SS,HIGH);   // take the SS pin high to de-select the chip:
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This ready-made module should satisfy your needs. Comes in 4 colors. It's not the cheapest way to solve it, but the easiest.

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