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Simple question.  How would I power this?


Using as a vehicle headlight, needs to be mobile.  Says 7v to 30v in, but at 650ma each LED I think a simple 9v alkaline battery wouldn't last long and as the battery depleted the voltage would drop.  Looking more at a lithium ion rechargeable type battery, and since it will be attached to an arduino (3.3v or 5v, will decide based on the lighting power) I think that could be done.  I would like to also power an Arduino with the same source if possible.  Also want to power 50 or so super bright LEDs (2.4v 20ma) (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9660) preferably with the same power source.  First battery powered Arduino project and getting a bit ambitious.

Would this work?




That battery is half the size/weight that a 6300mah battery should be. Very dubious that it's rated properly. 

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