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Author Topic: Arduino crashes after 15-20 hours or running  (Read 2552 times)
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Hopefully my code for these projects will be as good as it gets now,  it has been working in 4 other projects with no trouble as it was, warts and all, but with decent power supplies.

Its all a learning curve, for instance it was only when I looked at a photo I took to post here of the UUT running, that I saw my celphone on charge 200mm away,  I have been caught out with that before !

This unit will be fitted to a scoreboard on the far side of a field, so I don't have to worry about any interference from garage openers or celphones, but I couldn't take a chance.  This should have gone out last week....

By next week I should be working on one project at a time,   ---    bliss

With my mobile phone I can call people and talk to them -  how smart can you get ?

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