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Thanks a lot guys I went with the DFRobot kit with the Rome 328 in the end, the link I've posted is a good place to buy if you're in the UK since they have it in stock and it's going to get delivered in 48 hours according to the seller.

The purpose of my project is to have the robot car controlled by my android phone connected through USB in a two way communication pipeline. I plan on using Oleg's USB Host Shield(which transforms your arduino into a google adk that works through android adb):
It's compatible with UNO,Duemilnuove, Mega and Mega 2560 and arduino clones with standard connector layouts. Does the Romeo 328 fit in that category? I do not have the required knowledge to figure it out by myself, but I'm willing to learn more if anyone can tell me how I can figure out this stuff out from specifications.


I got the DFRobot 4WD platform a while ago and I'm having a load of fun with it.
It goes together quite easily and offers a lot of space for sensors and other gizmo's.
You can always screw a regular Arduino on it, which I did, with a motorshield. Works like a charm!

And as already said, it will still give you plenty of headaches getting it all to work properly.


Think about the value you get for your money in each. How good of quality are each? How many motors and parts does each have? Just some things to think about. It's your decision to make I can't really decide for you.
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