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WilliamK Govinda

I think you forgot one very important thing: I'm NUTS!  :smiley-mr-green: :D XD :smiley-eek-blue: :smiley-eek: :smiley-fat: 8)

When people say to me "it's not possible", I get mad and prove them wrong, most of the times...  :* (when I don't fail badly and cry...)

Time to get my 16-bit DAC and start playing around with it and my 6-voice player. If I can get only one voice, its enough I guess.



So how long are you going to let the sample record for?

I can sympathise with that, when I was at school I worked out a reversil process for photographic paper just because the physics teacher said it coudn't be done.

When you get to my age you might find there are better things to do than to reinvent the wheel, there are new wheels to invent.


I don't doubt that it's possible as that's how most digital samplers work (some sort of MCU and ram etc...) but I certainly can't pull that kind of stuff off.

I was just hoping for a shield+library that would make it easy to do. The sampler I linked to does just about everything I want to do already (but in 8-bits), so it's just a matter of getting similar functionality but at 16-bits.

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