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I've been wrapping my brain around sending commands from flash to the arduino and interpreting the data correctly. After following the tutorial listed in the playground that explains how to send a double over to the arduino, I started to ask myself... 'how can I send a set of doubles over, or a set of gps coordinates?' 

I don't need an explicit answer as I'm trying to figure this out for myself- but for some reason I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around the idea of sending over a latitude and always having the arduino know to store that in the eeprom as a latitude rather than a longitude. Does anyone have any tips into what I should look into?



I guess I'm confused now, whenever I send a string from flash the arduino just sees it as a byte array.


I guess I'm confused now, whenever I send a string from flash the arduino just sees it as a byte array.

Yeah. And the problem with that is?

You need to send something that you know how to parse. Like "Lat: 123.45 Lon: 987.65". Then, you need to parse it.
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Makes sense. I'll start from the get go.

I've been developing on an uno and for my first project I've been working on a GPS navigation system. I have all the GPS stuff working; it gives me my distance and all the data I need etc... So, to take this to the next level, I wanted to build a flash front end to save a destination using google maps. I've seen some of the flash+arduino integration tutorials through the playground, but so far all the tutorials I've seen are either using the NETLab or teach you how to turn a light on and off.

The idea of parsing a byte array and converting the data back into a data structure the arduino can use is a bit daunting for me at the moment. I figured how to parse floats with this tutorial:

But beyond this, I wasn't sure how to identify the data as one type of variable or another (does that make sense?).  I will say that I just found this library (aJson), which looks really promising. I can build a json object from flash or any web service without any issues.

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