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Author Topic: Connect a GPS sms sending unit to a DSC 1832 alarm system  (Read 1486 times)
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Hi all,

I have a DSC alarm system which will set a specific port (PGM1) to ground if the alarm
goes off, power (6V ( i think)  available from a COM port)

Today, I got a GSM unit with pin1 (actually 8 pins)  which can be set either to NO, NC or EOL. Now, I
want to trigger the the GSM unit to send a SMS if the DSC alarm system goes off.

* Both systems have their own DC power from AC.
* I need the simplest solution to fire off a SMS when the PGM1 port is going to ground.
* Since I'm quite a newbie when it comes to electronics, I need some verification from you skilled guys!  smiley-kiss

My assumption is that I can use a transistor by setting DSC COM port to base, AUX on GSM alarm to emitter and
both DSC ground and GSM pin1 to collector. If there is a current between DSC COM and PGM1, there will be
current between GSM AUX and pin1. Is this correct?

hints for getting this properly setup will be VERY appreciated!  smiley-lol


The GSM Controller Unit manual:

The DSC 1832 Alarm System manual:

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