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Hello ,i want make a quadcopter based on arduino first i was thinking about motors and batterypack for it. I'm beginner in this kind of stuff so if you can guide me through this :) I was considering some budget motors like EMAX CF 28-05(i will control it by ESC -> PWM) and i want spent for 4 motors around 100-150 euros.

Thanks for replies and any help :)


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If you're really ambitious, the absolute least expensive option is to modify old CD-ROM motors. There are a number of resources on the internet for this. Here are a couple: http://www.flyelectric.ukgateway.net/machin.htm  http://www.bavaria-direct.co.za/models/motor_info.htm.


What little I know about quadcopters I know that you want a motor with a "Kv" rating around 900.

This kind of question is really best researched or asked on a forum like rcgroups.com.



A quadcopter is not a good choice for a begineers project. You will have much fustration and costs building and testing, and repairing your own design. If your desire is to learn electronics and the arduino platform then you should choose simpler projects to start with. If your desire is to own and operate a quadcopter then you should look for a kit version of a already tested design.


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