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not too cheap!  ($10 for bare pcb?)...lol

still thanks for posting!...  might still pick one up to 'play' with...

Well, not exactly. That was the wrong price.

It's actually (INCLUDES shipping, handling, AND taxes):

$7.00 for one (1) PCB,
$35.00 for five (5) PCBs,
$68.00 for ten (10) PCBs,
$102.00 for fifteen (15) PCBs.

... With RoHS compliant PCB materials (gold instead of copper, etc...)

The pre-assembled femtoduino boards are priced as follows (again, includes shipping, handling, and taxes):

$40.00 for one (1) Pre-Assembled Femtoduino
$77.00 for two (2) Pre-Assembled Femtoduino(s)
$150.00 for four (4) Pre-Assembled Femtoduino(s)
$288.00 for eight ( 8 ) Pre-Assembled Femtoduino(s)

I know that as soon as we get more business, we'll be able to get the prices down significantly due to bulk purchasing. We're really just doing the best we can with what we have. :-)

- Alex Albino

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