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When I first browsed the Arduino site I am sure I saw a repository for designs.  I can find the software library share but not the hardware share.

I have used an Atmega 328 and Arduino to build a chicken coop pop-hole opener.  The design is based on the Arduino with motor shield but includes a current measurement facility which might be useful to others.  It uses a Light Dependant Resistor to measure light levels and works out what the season is and what the time of day is to open and close 4 pop-holes at appropriate times.

The design is released under GPLv3 and it, along with the research notes are posted at www.electrichen.co.uk.

Where on this site should I post the link please?


Electric Hen... brings whole new meaning to the term "battery chicken".  Sounds like an interesting project. :)


You can post projects on the playground - http://arduino.cc/playground/ - you should have access with your current name/password. Have a look how others did it to get a feeling. When I place an article on the playground, I notice people on the forum and use the same thread to discuss the article/library

A sample article from my hand : - http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/StopWatchClass -

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Thanks for the links.  I found the page that says "This is the place to post and share your own code, circuit diagrams, tutorials...."  and I think the current monitoring circuit should go under interfacing with hardware.  When I have time I will add it there.

However, I can't see anywhere that has links to complete projects like my pop-hole opener.  Perhaps there isn't one.

Coding Badly

Wow!  That has to be the most complete Arduino tutorial I've ever seen.  Very nice!

The Arduino Forum :: Community :: Exhibition / Gallery forum section...


...is also a good place for sharing.



I have posted a summary and link on the exhibition page.  I think that should cover it.

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