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I use an USBAsp with Arduino IDE. Can I modify the avrdude.conf so that the lock bits would be programmed together with the skatch. I mean in the memory lock section:

    memory "lock"
        size            = 1;
        read            = "0 1 0 1  1 0 0 0   0 0 0 0  0 0 0 0",
                          "x x x x  x x x x   x x o o  o o o o";

        write           = "1 0 1 0  1 1 0 0   1 1 1 x  x x x x",
                          "x x x x  x x x x   1 1 i i  i i i i";
        min_write_delay = 9000;
        max_write_delay = 9000;

I want to lock the AVR chip to be read from external programmer. I´m using Atmega1284P.


Set the lock bits in the boards.txt file and reburn the bootloader, that should set the lock bits.
Or try Nick Gammon's fuse calculator program.
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I´m not using a bootloader. I´m using USBasp. In boards.txt there´s only options to bootloader.


That's fine, burn bootloader can be used to just set fuses and lock bits. you can also do it through extreme burner avr with the asp.
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You have to set the flash lock bits after you have uploaded your program.

platform.txt about line 88.
tools.avrdude.program.pattern="{cmd.path}" "-C{config.path}" {program.verbose} -p{build.mcu} -c{protocol} {program.extra_params} "-Uflash:w:{build.path}/{build.project_name}.hex:i" "-U lock:w:0x3c:h"

Add the highlighted text to the above line in your platform.txt file. Untested but should work.


Thank you very much. Worked, but I had to change to "-Ulock:w:0x3c:m".
BTW, now Platform.txt is located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr" (Arduino 1.6.4). In older version it was located in "...\Sketchbook\Hardware\(board)\avr". Is that right?

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