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For your leds, i think it will be better to use a led driver like this one: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail?name=MAX7219CNG%2B-ND, this one is used for the arduinome for exemple.


Hi, thanks for your tip.
Will this ic allow me to change brightness of individual leds?
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No it will not. Changing the individual brightness for so many LEDs is a step up on what you are doing. You need something like four TLC5940 chips or one that you multiplex.


ok, for now i will try to do a test without driver ic's .. and than if it's not ok, i'll be back with some questions about tlc5940

i'm not bored, i'm self improving


i have one more question .. since all of you guys sugest a pwm controll for the leds .. i thought of another scenario

the idea is quite simple
1. add a triangle wave generator that outputs 0-5v tri wave like this one

2. put a small comparator for every led .. for instance MCP6541
3. compare the triangle wave with pot output to generate proper pwm signal for leds

will this work?
i'm not bored, i'm self improving

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