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Hi, first of all, sorry my English, it's not my natural language.
Here's the thing...
I need to send data (from different sensors) + GPS coordinates over GPRS.
I've seen in other posts the Tellit module, but also, it's power limitations/workarounds to match Arduino's.
Anyway... What is the best way, to send data, real-time or with the minimum delay over GPRS to my server (REST interface)?
Or... Maybe I should save the data in a SD card and send it later via GPRS in fixed intervals of time? (To save battery)
Thanks you.


hi i have this problem also.. you get some answer???

I have an EasyPic6 dev sys + EasyGsm/Gprs sim340z + EasyGps
and i dont have idea how can i bulid connection whit this 3 parts.
I need shematics and programs also.


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