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I'm working on an installation where I have to leave a wireless microphone transmitter on for two or three days. The transmitter works with a 9V battery. I wanted to ask if anyone knows if there is a way of changing the battery system of the transmitter with something that can last longer so i don't have to change the batteries every day ?

Thank you for you time


Thanks for your reply.

The transmitter will be powered for twelve hours per day. It has to be portable because it will be placed inside a moving object.

I will look for batteries with a higher amp-hour rating.


"powered for twelve hours per day", hmm, and there's 12 hours of sunlight a day ...

Can the moving object be taken advantage to get some windpowered charging, maybe a generator somewhere?

How about a squelch circuit so the transmitter can be put in standby by when there is no sound to transmit, or when the sound is too low level to pick up?
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I thought about using solar power but unfortunately the installation will take place in a space without too much light. Also, the object won't be moving enough to generate any power. I don't know what it is but I really like idea of a squelch circuit, I will investigate.



See if you can source PP6's or PP9's - these are the (much) bigger relatives of the standard PP3 9V battery.  Failing that rechargeable PP3's are available, use two so one's on charge while the others in use and swap each day?
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