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You can reprogram the AVR chip on the UNO and MEGA to act as a Keyboard/mouse HID ...

here is a link on instructions (mac unfortunately) http://hunt.net.nz/users/darran/weblog/13a32/Arduino_UNO_Keyboard_HID_Part_1.html
for PC I would assume you will need an AVR programmer (google AVR pocket programmer) and the software would probably be AVR Dude

here is a youtube video also explaining Arduino and Keyboard emulator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDZXheuuec8

note .. none of the links belong to me ... and how do you stop flash video being embedded ?


okay that was really helpful!

i'm gonna search, if the flight simulator can listen to signals over the COM-Port. If that is possible i'll tkae this methode.

If that isn't possible, do you know a programm, that could convert the incoming Data into a virtual game device, if you understand me?


Here is a link to an FS Forum.


It's all free. You download the small utility, then you upload the sketch to your Arduino.
Any pin connected to ground (except 1, 2 and 13) gives you a key press or combination of key presses.
It's all fully programable and is a fantastic piece of freeware.
The guy who wrote it will also gladly answer any questions on it via the above forum.

I currently use it with an Uno and it gives me 19 inputs via USB. I believe a Mega will give you 56!

If anybody else is interested, it will also work with virtually anything that expects key presses.
As a test, I made a little control panel for CAD, very nice!



Hi, I had a similar idea to make a giant SNES controller to use to control an emulator on my pc.  :)

I came across a 'duino clone called Teensy which is made by these people http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/ and can act as a usb keyboard/mouse so you can program it, plug it into your computer and it sees it as a keyboard. More info on how to use it as a usb keyboard here -> http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/usb_debug_only.html

Hopefully that will simplify your project?

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