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Hey all,
So i have built a transmitter receiver for my headphones using FM.
The quality is great in one place and if i move a foot or bob me head, the quality drops.
It was a simple fun build but i want more.
Mainly better quality but also in control.
I was thinking bluetooth would be the way to go.
I could stream music over BT and if i wanted to change song or pause or something i could have buttons on the headphone side to allow for this to happen.

I have a moto droid and a btm-182. I know droid can handle streaming music, but i am not sure about my BT module.
http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9913 this is the product at sparkfun,
I was thinking i could have the BTM connected to an arduino mini which i also already have and use the mini to maybe buffer a little bit, but mainly for control.

I see that this module can do PCM so i feel like this is in the realm of possibility but i am afraid it doesnt seem to use or have the ability to use the A2DP protocol which the android uses to stream music.

Any thoughts suggestions or any thing else is appreciated.

Im going to do more digging to see what i can find.
Thanks all!


Thanks for the reply. The more i look the more i feel that may be the case.
I know that arduino is a capable little micro but it has limits.
audio processing at 8bits leavea little room for anything else, let alone BT.
Hmm Ill keep looking.

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