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Author Topic: 3 motor laser spirograph thingy  (Read 2004 times)
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Have you testrun your INO file today?
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Is there an easy fix to ensure the device returns to manual mode sooner while leaving the 7 second "hold" of a random scene?
I am always unsure whether to gve the quick answer, or just to tell about the approach as it (usually) is fu working it out yourself.

So the "hint" this time is - the much famed and abused "blink with out delay" - because you must not use delay if you want to do two things at once. (in this case, (1)monitor the pot value and (2)count to 7 seconds before doing another random)

I tried to give an alternate explanation - - see if it helps you. If not, I'll just write the 5 lines of code you need.

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