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Hello arduinoists.

I've created a website, it's a classifieds for electronics hobbyists! I'd like to know what you guys think of it because I've put a lot of work into it. Essentially it's just a plain-old classifieds system, just post and get an email when people want something you have. It's completely free and anybody can use it, and posts last 3 months.

The link >> http://www.junkbox.org/index.php

So whatchyu guys think?

PS, I'm not a spambot. Yeah I only registered a few days ago, but I used to have account here, maybe it got lost in the move?


Cool, kind of a Craigslist for us electronic junkies! I'll check it out.



Great! I think we can do some groupon like stuff, (if I understand this correctly) someone buys a big lot of something and distributes to everyone interested for less cost than individual purchases.

How do you sort by location then?




I haven't implemented sort by location yet, but I'm working on it in my spare time. Odd how when school's out I have more work to do.

As for the UK version, It'd be easy to make one but the problem is not enough people use the junkbox yet to warrant one.


Yea, I remember Grenadier's name, looks cool, though getting us electronics nerds to part with our odd devices might be hard


Just so you know, there is a market for anything. I've even sold broken ATX psus in the past.


Just so you know, there is a market for anything. I've even sold broken ATX psus in the past.

One (wo)man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure.

I'm a collector and I collect old electronics, computer processors, old software/games and literature. I also trade my shields to get items into my collection.


Just so you know, there is a market for anything. I've even sold broken ATX psus in the past.

I know that, I was saying that finding a supply for the market might be hard, as we don't like to sell our stuff :P


Short update,

As of late I've been working on a system to ban the IPs of scammers, and ironing out a few bugs in the process. After that I plan on working out a way to have little country flags next to the posts, corresponding to the poster's logged IP.

If somebody is flagged a scammer, not only will they get a mean IP ban but they will also have that IP and their email posted on a webpage of known scammers. I doubt there will be much scamming going on though, as most people aren't mean spirited.


w00t! Search by location finally works. :-D

The key was to have the locations set by IP, and thus have them at predefined values which could then be searched. By clicking on either country or region when you view a post, you see all the other posts in that location. Now when the site becomes popular, I can simply put country flags up in the corner that people could click on for easy locationifying.


Now when the site becomes popular...

Now if the site becomes popular...



Well a number of people have tried it including Hackaday and it didn't really kick off too well.


thanks for sharing it. Lots of good bits and pieces on there

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