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I think this is GREAT! I have a bunch of stuff I can list here.  I gotta prepare a good spot to make some photos, etc.  Thanks for the resource!  :smiley-mr-green:

I've seen this in the past, find a good cardboard box, large and preferably white inside, cut out the top,left and front surface, leaving the other faces (keep nicer faces). Then secure it at the corner or a room or table. Put your tripod there and lay your item inside the box and snap a shot.


This one has a hint of what I was talking about. Just don't take your shots against some stinky carpet like some people on craigslist do, please  ;)
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Ooh, I just thought of something that might be a bit more popular, junk for junk trading

Nevermind, seems you already got that set up, also, there are 4 pages of offers, pretty good deals a lot of em too


Alright, today I added some more PHP madness in there.

* The site is now 100% sql injection proof.
* Little country flags are displayed next to posts.
* You can click on those flags to search by country.
* BBCode is supported when posting!

Whatchyu guys think?


Site looks v. promising - in fact I think it could be a winner for secondhand / older stuff.  Do you have a strategy for detering and dealing with scammers though?
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So I've been screwing around with the PHP lately... and here is what I've got now.

Major changes:
* There are now subcategories.
* You can now search 'within' a location, whereas before you could only search or pick a location.
* IMG bbcode is now supported.
* Added a shuffle button, so you can find random junk.

How do you guys like it? Took me quite a bit of work to get things like this. :) 

The junkbox! - All Junk

For you digital peeps, http://www.junkbox.org/index.php?category=29

So, opinions? Comments?


Guess what guys...


I implemented a user account system! Now you can make posts and not have to worry about confirming them, and you can edit/delete them via buttons on the posts. :-D

So now... how do I get people to use the junkbox?  :smiley-slim:


Oh hey guys, after a whole night of coding the junkbox now supports paypal and google checkout!

The Junkbox! - New Junk

Enjoy! :-)


Just posted a barter post to trade my shield kits for old cpu ;) Thanks.
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http://www.junkbox.org/viewItem.php?id=238 LOL


http://www.junkbox.org/viewItem.php?id=238 LOL

http://www.junkbox.org/viewItem.php?id=453 ROFL
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Great site...

Some issues I noticed:

Search by Country - I clicked a Canada flag.  The result page showed mostly Canadian listings, but saw 1 US listing.  As soon as you click to the next page though, it looks like the filter is dropped from the URL and the search is just by page #.   

It would be nice to have the ability to default a cookie to allow me to set and see only listings in my country.  Just a thought.

Sometimes when scrolling through pages, it seems to show the page links at the bottom but all those pages dont have content.  Eg. page 1,2,3,4,5 etc shows but the content stops at page 2.  Minor issue

Keep up the great work..  Good luck.



The post I made about trading my arduino shield kits for old cpus has been well received by the right audience. I'm busy answering to all the requests for exchanges! Just want to say thanks for creating such a platform for "junk"-related topics! From my past trades my favorite items so far were
1) 386sx surface mount processors professionally removed and carefully packed and shipped to me
2) large 27" hard disk platter
3) a processor on its socket (not zif) with the board sawed off and mailed to me so I can remove the cpu with an extractor.

Hope to have more items rolling in and to send more of my shields out!
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large 27" platter


For eating off ;)


large 27" platter


For eating off ;)

There is a hole in the middle so no soups, just salads around the ring.

Soup or salad? Or super salad?  :D
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