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Someone can help me with the schematics to connect the lcd  :(


on page I leave there are examples of code, a schematic would help me a lot to understand.
I am a rookie with arduino, thanks for your time...

// Arduino pinout // Nokia 1100 LCD pinout (VDD & VDDI ==> 3.3V, VLED+ connected via 10 ohm resistor to 3.3V)
:~#define PIN_SCE 10 // 2 XCS Connected via resistor-voltage-divider 1.8K & 3.2K :~
#define PIN_SDIN 11 // 4 SDA
#define PIN_RESET 12 // 1 XRES
#define PIN_SCLK 13 // 5 SCLK

sorry for my english  :smiley-sweat:


See if this is helpful for you. Attached jpg.
Note that I use the following Arduino pinout: (But can be any of your own choice)
// Arduino pinout         // Nokia 1100 LCD pinout
#define PIN_SCE 9        // 2 XCS Connected via resistor-voltage-divider 1.8K & 3.2K
#define PIN_SDIN 10     // 4 SDA
#define PIN_RESET 8    // 1 XRES
#define PIN_SCLK 11    // 5 SCLK


many thanks, I'll be testing soon and will surely be counting on you here, thank you very much, I really needed  XD XD XD XD


i have one of these hooked up to my arduino and cant get the code to compile :( im sure its just something simple but

the first one on that link gives me
sketch_mar12a.cpp: In function 'void LcdCharacter(char)':
sketch_mar12a:116: error: invalid conversion from 'const byte*' to 'byte'
sketch_mar12a:116: error: initializing argument 2 of 'void LcdWrite(byte, byte)'

and the second one tells me
sketch_mar12a.cpp: In function 'void LcdPixel(byte, byte, int)':
sketch_mar12a:559: error: invalid conversion from 'byte*' to 'byte'
sketch_mar12a:578: error: incompatible types in assignment of 'byte' to 'byte [780]'

i will repost the code here for simplicity


the first is
line 117


the second one is
line 560

data = LcdCache

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