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I'm having a little trouble hooking up my 10k themistor and resistor to my UNO, but I think i got it.  I am trying to sense the ambient temperature.  I am using a code that i used in a LilyPad project, so i know the code works.  However, when i run the code with my UNO, this is what I get:

Temp reading = 1023 - 3.30 volts
279.68 degress C
535.42 degress F

Anyone have any advice?


Assuming 1023 is the analog reading you are getting from the A/D converter, looks like it is just reading 5V, and not doing any resister-divider kind of function.
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How do i fix that?
I'm totally new to arduino!


Since you are new, you need to provide your code and picture of your connections. That's typically needed for an answer. We don't have crystal balls.


Maybe it is just a bit warmer than usual.

Maybe you could post your code and your circuit.
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