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Do you mean "when the power is coming back"?  Or do you mean "when the power comes back"?  The first would involve using a crystal ball to predict the future. The second would be simple to do so that it sends out a message upon power=up.  If you had an RTC (Real-Time Clock) in the system somewhere, you could even keep track of how long the power had been out.

The second options of course :) (I'm sorry for my English).



Can I use 78L05 regulator ?

Input leg will be 12V.
GND will be the GND from the 12v.
Output will be connected to the arduino digital pin.

Will it be OK?



Not to get argumentative about using a UPS but it shouldn't be hard to find a UPS system that includes a serial port to detect when power goes out. I know there's open source software out there for Linux (apcupsd for APC brand) that would detail the protocol used. You could also do some simple rigging that would read a digital signal from any of the status LEDs on these units.

Don't forget there's no requirement to use the AC outlets on the unit; you could attach to the battery directly if you're looking for efficiency.


Then just read the voltage from the status LED.

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