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hey guys, we're building a game for school and they added the mission to make a controller with arduino to play the game. BUT, i'm a total noob :) so, how could i do this the easiest? We use actionscript 3.0 (mandatory for the project) and an Arduino Uno. We're thinking about purchasing the joystick shield from sparkfun: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9760

How could i get flash to recognize my arduino as a controller? and what code do i need for it to work for the following functions: up/down/left/right  an "A" button to confirm stuff and a "B" button to delete/go back? I'm really new to all this and massive tutorials seem to not work at all for me..

hope someone can help/direct me in the direction needed :)


You could perhaps reprogram the Uno to have a mouse HID, left click A, right click B, joystick is movement.

Alternatively take a look through here and start small. Send a stream of data into a text field in flash or something, then work up from that. Looking briefly the 'TinkerProxy' looks quite easy to set up.

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