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I have bought this motorshield, but I am not sure of the polarity on the external power supply.

My best guess is that the left hole on the screw terminal in the picture is the positive, but I don't like blue smoke, so if anyone has this shield I would apreciate a confirmation on my guess.




When held in this orientation the GND is on the right.


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Is your shield the one in that picture?  I bought an Adafruit Motor Shield a couple months ago and it was a different PCB than the one pictured.

On mine, GND is clearly marked on the right and +M (Positive for the motors) is on the left.  I've read on older board it's not so clearly marked so I can't help you there.


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Thanks to both of you.

Now my motor are spinning   XD

I bought the shield off Ebay, I don't know its origin, but it looks just like Adafruits


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