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Hi! I bought Chipkit plate because it supposedly is 100% compatible and in my first day I've had no problems if they are normal or is plaque.
I use the arduino environment with the option to use my board to program it. The strange thing is because I was testing with a button to receive a 1 or a 0 and I put the pin 12 and not working and when I put on 11 to the LED (the wire because the pin Seguia configured in 12) if he did sometimes I was 0 and 1 like crazy. Also if you put an LED in 11 sometimes did not work and if the 8 in the 9 and 10 (odd because he was only 11 as output).
Also had written code that previously worked for a long LED flashes after trying different code and reload this again but the LED lights stop flashing.
I always compile the code and charge from the arduino software but nothing I do. Not if it's normal that happens to me or if I do something wrong, I hope you can help me. Thanks!


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Its not an arduino - it just has the same layout. Maybe you should ask in the chipkit forum for support.
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