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g'day, i got my hands on an arduino uno and removed the chip from it, and hooked up the rainbowduino, ive tried to use it as a bridge to the rainbowduino so i can upload newer firmware and code to my rainbowduino but the upload always fails, is it because of the arduino uno?

if not then how would i go about getting to work?

i asked around alot of places an answer is extremely elusive and would like to get to the bottom of this and make it work and havent really gotten a solid answer, starting to think buying all these electronics was pretty much a waste of time :/


Check out this message:



so....i canot upload newer firmware or sketches to the rainbowduino using a Uno?


ive also been told that i have to burn a bootlader to any new rainbowduinos, is this true?


Courtesy of Albert Miao at the Seedstudio forum -

"You can try like this.
1.Upload a blank sketch to Arduino Uno to disable Arduino Uno Serial Port.
void setup()
DDRB = 0;
DDRC = 0;
DDRD = 0;

void loop()

2.And connect as:

Rainbowduino <--> Arduin Uno
TX <-->TX
RX <-->RX

3.select Arduino Duemilanove or Nano with ATmega328 in Arduino IDE.
4.upload a sketch...

Good luck

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