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Hello all,
I need some help/suggestions for this project that im working on.  I'll explain what im trying to do and welcome any suggestions on components to use and help with how I would write the programming for an ardweeny operating on a 9V battery.  K, here goes:
-   1 Toggle master switch
-   2 pushbuttons
-   2 recording modules to play tones
-   One electronic latch/solenoid/motor etc..

Purpose:  Im building a wood box that will have a door that will fold down from top to its side.  The sequence I need to have happen is the following:
-   Master toggle switch supplies power to ardweeny and pushbutton #1
-   Once pushbutton #1 is pressed, recording module#1 will play a tone for approximately 10 seconds.
-   After that tone ends, recording module #2 will play a different tone and supply power to pushbutton #2
-   Once pushbutton #2 is pressed, electronic latch is actuated and recording module #2 stops playing tone
-   Master toggle is switched to remove power from entire system

Any ideas on how to accomplish what im asking using some fancy arduino programming and some hardware?  I have an ardweeny on the way with a voltage regulator.  I need to make sure of a few things in the build.  Pushbutton #2 can have no effect UNTIL recording module #2's tone is being played and that pushbutton #1 have NO effect if pressed during recording module #2's tone is being played.
Any ideas guys?
(see attached diagram of what it kinda looks like)


Don't get hung up with this provides power to that. The project is a perfectly simple sequence that can be done with one arduino generating the two tones and looking at the two buttons in turn.
Do some tutorial examples and get a feel for how it all works and then you will find your project is very easy.
Start off by looking at the tone tutorial.

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