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Hi ^^

I got an Arduino FIO and I program it with 2 XBee.
But after 2 Months of perfect function, i got a problem...
The Communication of the XBees is now only one-way.
I configured both XBee several times with the factory settings and after that with my settings again, but that didn't change anything.

Cofiguration :
1. XBee : +++ ATRE,BD6,ID1234,MY0,DLFFFF,D33,IC8,RR3,RO10,WR (enter)
2. XBee : +++ ATRE,BD6,ID1234,MY1,DLF0   ,D35,IU0,IAFFFF,RO10,WR (enter)

Thanks for your replies!


It would help if you clarified which XBees you have (Series 1 or Series 2/2.5).

If they are Series 1 models, the MY value on one should by the DL value of the other.

1) MY1800 DL4302
2) MY4302 DL1800
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Thank you very much !
Now I can program my FIO again  XD
But why did it work before and stopped working after 2 months ?
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
My new configuration:

1. XBee : +++ ATRE,BD6,ID1234,MYF0,DLFFFF,D33,IC8,RR3,RO10,WR (enter)
2. XBee : +++ ATRE,BD6,ID1234,MYFFFF,DLF0,D35,IU0,IAFFFF,RO10,WR (enter)

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