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Hi Folks:

If I have a web page hosted by a web hosting company, is it possible to send data automatically to that web page from Arduino that is connected to internet.



You could send data from an arduino client using a GET request to the server hosting your web page, but it would depend on the programming on the server to do anything with the data sent in the request.
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as Zoomkat said look if your hosting solution has, for example, a server side scripting language like PHP.
If You want to store uploaded data than You need also a database server like MySQL (or write to a file, but often this is not allowed, for security reasons, by most hosting services).

You can also take a look at Pachube (http://www.pachube.com) that is an online service for displaying (and contol) devices using Internet.



Thanks for your help, Pachube seems to be the answer.


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