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I would like to invite people with health and medical related projects (ECGs, EEG, EMGs, general monitoring of human, medical related actuators, etc.) to post their project in the medicarduino.wordpress.com
It is an effort to collect projects and resources on the interent about medical and health projects based on Arduino :)



I wouldn't have thought there would be very many if any that aren't confined to home use due to the legal implications if something went wrong with said medical device however minor the device is in the medical application.

I have never seen a medical project and only handful of heart beat/temp monitors or similar devices.


Hi mowcius,

you are right, but we are not expecting medical products and devices to be based on arduino, we are focusing only on projects, parts of research work, prototypes or self work that address issues like monitoring status, context, helping people with impairments, etc. I am sure there are quite some projects out there (apart from temp and ecg monitoring) and also plenty of ideas that people will come up with and implement them with Arduino  :)


Things to help people with impairments has been done a bit.

There are things like http://jennifercrossley.com/

I suggest you search around a little though.


Thanks for the link! I will check it and probably present it in the blog. Hopefully people will start suggesting more projects and ideas! In the meantime, the search continues!


I'm very much interested in health related R&D built from Arduino Solutions. ;-) Very old thread, but I came across it tonight on a google search and finally registered with Arduino.CC forums. We have some projects that you could maybe put into the health category we will expand on in the near future. Exciting times!

I'd love to hear more from anyone that has progressed in the health related projects since this post. Feel free to PM me if interested!


Take heed that Atmel don't list any medical / health applications on their web site. Indeed somewhere (can't find it right now)  on their site and in the datasheets, they stipulate that medical use is specifically excluded.

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